Bungy Jump

Ancient rite of passage.

There’s only one way to feel like you’ve leapt into a life-change – from atop our renowned Bungy Jump bridge. A 150-foot plunge toward the Nanaimo River is a brag-worthy moment you’ll never forget.

Over 260,000 guests have taken our ankle-strapped plunge – unleashing joy, freedom, and adrenaline.

NEW in 2015! Six increasingly exciting levels of Bungy Jumps – in over a dozen styles! At check-in, choose to stick with the simple Swan Dive, or up the bragging rites with a “Hover Drop”, “Corkscrew”, “Front Flip”, “Prop Plunge”, or other style in your current level! (Like surprises? Ask for the “Big Bobowski” – JumpMaster’s Choice!)

Are your knees knocking? Ask us about tandem Bungy Jumps!


  • First come, first served upon check-in.
  • Minimum age 12.
  • Chaperone requirements: A responsible adult must accompany kids age 13 and younger on site.
  • Minimum weight 95 lbs (43 kgs) each participant.>Maximum weight 400lbs (181 kgs) total, of a single or tandem jump.
  • Signed online waiver is required for each guest (Parent/legal guardian signature is required for each minor guest).
  • Must have Jump Master approval, to “level-up” in difficulty/intensity.