Bungy Jump

An ancient rite of passage.

Around your ankles is a massive elastic rope, attached at the other end to a big steel bridge. You can look down at the Nanaimo River, taunting you from 150ft below, you’ll be there in a few seconds anyway. Feel your palms sweating? Us too.

Sixteen Bungy Jump styles in six levels of difficulty. Stick with a straight Swan Dive, or up the bragging rites with a “Hover Drop”, “Corkscrew”, “Front Flip”, “Prop Plunge”, or other style in your current level! (Like surprises? Ask for the JumpMaster’s Choice!)

All you have to do now is stop listening to that voice in your head… and jump.

Over 265,000 humans have dared it!

Six increasingly exciting levels of Bungy Jumps – in over a dozen styles! At check-in, choose to

If your knees are knocking, ask about tandem Bungy Jumps.


  • First come, first served upon check-in.
  • Minimum age 12.
  • Chaperone requirements: A responsible adult must accompany kids age 13 and younger on site.
  • Minimum weight 95 lbs (43 kgs) each participant.>Maximum weight 400lbs (181 kgs) total, of a single or tandem jump.
  • Signed online waiver is required for each guest (Parent/legal guardian signature is required for each minor guest).
  • Must have Jump Master approval, to “level-up” in difficulty/intensity.