How do I prepare for a WildPlay visit?
Take care of these three things to make sure you have a great WildPlay visit:

    • Double-check the Access Requirements for the Element(s) you’re interested in. And be aware of Park Rules.
    • Book your Element(s)… if you want to guarantee your play time. Walk-ins are welcome, and will be fit in at the next available check-in. Avoid any wait by booking now.
    • Complete your waiver… whether you book in advance or walk-in, your check-in will be way easier if you’ve submitted your waiver online. This is super important if you’re bringing a group with kids or teens because you’ll need their parent/guardian to officially give the okay.
What Park rules do I need to know?

These are the Rules of Play at our Parks:

      • Smoking is not permitted around Elements or in the forest.
      • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.
      • To participate in an Element, guests must be in good health and not subject to dizziness or motion sickness; must be free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems; must not be pregnant.
      • Guests are responsible for the safe-keeping of personal items.
      • Watch for falling objects from above when near Elements.
      • The instructions of WildPlay employees must be adhered to at all times. WildPlay employees are empowered to remove any guests from any Element or the Park if deemed necessary for their, or others, safety (without warning or refund).

Also, it’s smart to read the Element Access Requirements for any activities you want to participate in.

Can I bring a group?

Absolutely! Get a posse together for a special occasion, as your own cheer squad, or just because you need some hang time. Call 1-855-595-2251 to coordinate a check-in for your group. Note: For reservations of 10 or more guests per Element, a deposit of at least 50% of the total Element value is required at the time of booking. The balance is due on the scheduled day of visit.

What are your Park hours and schedules?

Parks are open Spring, Summer, and Fall according to weather conditions in their region. Guest Services is available by phone during the day year-round at 1-855-595-2251. Check out a Park’s page on this site (see above menu) for scheduled check-in times.

What if I feel scared, or get stuck, while on an Element?

If your gut clenches at the thought of heights, speed, or falling, we understand. Most of our guests feel some fear – and we’ve been there too. While our Elements are designed to test your boundaries, we want you to be prepared.

Before you begin any Element, our certified Guides will provide you with a thorough understanding of the experience, and how to manage your risk. On the aerial Adventure Courses, Guides who circulate under the course will coach you through any tricky spots. If you feel like you just can’t go further we can help you back down to the ground at any point. We bet you’ll be surprised (and thrilled) at just how far you go.

How hard are your activities?

Everyone feels the challenge of our Elements in their own way. But a general guide is:

      • Zipline Tours
        • Physical: Low impact and skill level. Just hold your body taut and ride.
        • Mental: Exciting. Significant heights to soar. Guided Element.
      • Adventure Courses
        • Physical: Progressive impact, from low to high skill level as course games get more challenging. Doable by almost everyone.
        • Mental: Exhilarating. Heights rise up to sixty feet – comfort in the trees typically rises too. Self-paced Element.
      • What’s To Fear Jump (WTF Jump)
        • Physical: Moderate impact (mostly as your stomach drops); low skill level (if you can take one step ahead you’re good to go).
        • Mental: Nerve-wracking. You’ll need a little faith for this free-fall. Guided Element.
      • Primal Swing
        • Physical: High impact. You’ll feel the drop, speed, and rush of adrenaline right through to your core. Low skill level (just sit in your harness and hang on tight).
        • Mental: Intense. You’ll wonder what made you do this. Then you’ll be so glad you did. Guided Element.
      • Bungy Jump
        • Physical: Super-high impact. Plunging into open air is the biggest rush. Skill requirement is progressive through six levels and over a dozen styles.
        • Mental: Awesome. We’re not sure if it’s bravery or bafoonery. Maybe both. Guided Element
What is your cancellation policy?

Individual bookings: no penalty if Elements are cancelled at least 24 hours before scheduled check-in time. No refunds or credit issued for Element cancellations made within 24 hours, or for guests who do not show up for their scheduled check-in time.

Group bookings: No penalty if Elements are cancelled three days before scheduled check-in time; deposits fully refunded. If cancellations are made within three days and up to 24 hours before scheduled check-in no refunds or credit will be issued for Element deposits. For cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, or for guests who do not show up for their scheduled check-in time, the remainder of the Element balance for each guest will be charged to the credit card on file.

Note: Refunds issued on substantial cash deposits or cheques will be issued directly by WildPlay Park Services in the form of a cheque, within seven days from notice of cancellation by the guest. Element Gift Certificates, cards, or vouchers of any nature may not be used as a deposit.

**A “No Show” is defined as not arriving at least 10 minutes after the Element check-in time.

Cancellation by WildPlay: On rare occasion our Parks close due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs, a guest may reschedule their activity or receive a refund of their payment/deposit in full.

I’m running late! Will I be able to participate?

We will do everything we can to find another check-in for you, as soon as possible. Call Guest Services right away at 1-855-595-2251 if you think you will miss your scheduled check-in time.

Where are your Parks located?

Parks are currently open in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Find a location.

What are your access requirements?

Each Element has specific Access Requirements. Choose the activity that interests you for details.

Do I have to complete a waiver?

If participating in any Element you sure do! Get your waiver done online now for an easier check-in. And if you’re bringing kids or teens (under age 19), make sure their parent/guardian has officially signed off.

What are your age limits?

Each Element has specific Age Limits:

    • Kids Adventure Course: Ages five to twelve.
    • Classic Adventure Course: Ages seven and older.
    • Extreme Adventure Course: Ages twelve and older.
    • What’s To Fear Jump: Ages seven and older.
    • Zipline Tours: Ages seven and older.
    • Primal Swing: Ages twelve and older.
    • Bungy Jump: Ages twelve and older.
Do you have anything to eat or drink on site?

Each Park has a selection of vending food and beverage. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and lunch supplies. Trash and recycling are available on site.

Do you have Parking on site?

All WildPlay locations have guest parking on site or nearby.

Do you have a shuttle to your Parks?

City transit runs to most our locations, and often there are other local shuttles or transportation methods we can recommend. Give us a call to find out the options to get to a Park you want to visit.

Do you have washrooms on site?

We sure do.

Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend you book ahead of time to get the check-in that best works in your schedule. However, walk-ins are always welcome and we will get your adventure under way as soon as possible.