Want to Get Together?

Hang out and have fun with your friends, family, or co-workers (ages five and older) at WildPlay! We host groups of any size and skill level at our Parks.

To book your group, contact us ahead of time to ensure we can coordinate your check-ins (at least 48 hours notice is best). Walk-in groups are welcome; however, Element check-in times will be subject to availability.

Popular group adventures for:

Special Occasions

Host any celebration at WildPlay any enjoy the flexibility to bring food, other ground activities, and (non-damaging) décor to the Park. We’ve seen some creative cakes and costumes. Ask about picnic areas when booking your group.

Birthday Celebrations

We go bananas for guests celebrating their birthday at a Park. Book a memorable party and we’ll have some Primal Perks to enhance your day.

School and Youth Field Trips

No doubt. Kids and teens simply love to monkey-around on our outdoor activities. And grown-ups love that playtime at our Parks actually means that young humans are testing and evolving their physical abilities, self-confidence, social skills, and appreciation for nature.

We think it’s super important for youth to actively explore the outdoors and push their boundaries. Our special rates, flexible booking and check-ins, and experienced Agents and Guides make it easy to bring a gaggle of kids (minimum age five) and teens of any size to our Parks. Call 1-855-595-2251 to find out more.

Got a group of school kids? Check out our Earthlings Workshop donation program too!

Make sure to read our access requirements when planning a youth group visit.

Youth groups must be booked in advance by a representative of the school or registered youth organization.

Team-building for Businesses

Getting away from the usual workday is a total pay off. Here’s a cool infographic to prove it.

Groups of coworkers who host team-building adventures at WildPlay report stronger social connections and problem-solving abilities – as well as more company “rah” and commitment. And couldn’t your bulletin board use some awesome new team pictures?

Just like we “nurture the clan” at WildPlay, we will help your company have fun and overcome some obstacles. Adventures are arranged to include everyone – from the curious to the courageous.

Put our handy group booking for businesses guide into the boss’ inbox, and get away from the grind.