Plan Your Visit

Get yourself ready for fun:

  • Check the current weather forecast for the day and wear appropriate clothing. Most guests dress in layers or bring a change of clothes to stay comfortable.
  • Wear proper fitting running shoes. Forget fashion and opt for closed toes and heels that lace-on will let you climb, zip line, jump, and swing freely.
  • Bring a water bottle to rehydrate, and snack to refuel.
  • Stash your camera in a secure pocket to keep your tech tools safe while you record your story.
  • Have cash on hand for Element souvenirs, snack food or a drink, or to unleash another Element.
  • Come clean. There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs at all WildPlay Element Parks; for safety, we will restrict access to any guest who is suspected of intoxication or impaired judgement.
  • Complete your park waiver in advance to expedite your check-in. Note: for guests under 19 years of age the signature of parent or legal guardian is required.

Stepping feet in our Parks:

  • Smoking is not permitted around Elements or in the forest.
  • There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.
  • Guests must be in good health and not subject to dizziness or motion sickness; must be free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems; must not be pregnant.
  • Guests are responsible for the safe-keeping of personal items.
  • Watch for falling objects from above when near Elements.
  • The instructions of WildPlay Element Parks employees must be adhered to at all times. WildPlay employees are empowered to remove any guests from any Element or the Park if deemed necessary for their, or others, safety (without warning or refund).

Access requirements include: waiver, reach, age, weight, chaperone, and health/ability/use rules that allow guests to independently and comfortably explore their freedom on our Elements.

If you have any questions, talk to a Guest Service Agent at a nearby Park!