Primal Swing

A giant swoop from terrifying height!

Pump your little legs all you want, but it won’t help slow down this whip-fast thrill ride. You’ll fling over 100ft, into super-long arcs that slice through nothing but wide open spaces. Don’t bother styling your hair before this one.

Two locations:

In Nanaimo: Slingshot from the Bungy Jump bridge, 150ft (46 meters) above the Nanaimo River. Reach intense speeds of up to 140 km/h as you fall through the natural rock canyon and skim above the water.

In Kelowna: Hover at cliffs edge and peer out on a panorama of Okanagan lakes and valleys. But don’t get too comfortable. In a fast 100ft drop you’ll soar into the coolest high-adrenaline ride you can remember.


  • First come, first served upon check-in.
  • Minimum age 12.
  • Chaperone requirements: A responsible adult must accompany kids age 13 and younger on site.
  • Minimum weight: 95lbs (43kgs) per guest and 170lbs (77kgs) per ride (solo or tandem). If you don’t make the ride weight minimum on your own, we can provide a team member to swing with you.
  • Maximum weight: 400lbs (181kgs) per ride.
  • Signed online waiver is required for each guest (Parent/legal guardian signature is required for each minor guest).

Signed waiver form required (with parental/legal guardian signature for guests under 19 years of age). Complete your waiver online.