Welcome to WildPlay Element Parks

Let your fear out to play. At WildPlay Element Parks, aerial adventures and zip lines transform a casual nature day into awesome outdoor recreation for adults, teens, kids, and groups.


In 2005, WildPlay Ltd. co-founders Gordon Ross and Tom Benson, as certified guides, avid climbers, paragliding pilots, and wilderness enthusiasts, were eager to share their passion – and belief in life-changing outdoor adventures with people from every walk of life. With 15-years of professional guiding experience, Ross and Benson had witnessed all manner of personal evolution when people connected with the outdoors. Every mountain scaled and skill developed seemed to result in guests uncovering new levels of confidence. The desire to help more people overcome self-perceived boundaries was strong for Tom and Gord; however, guests were often limited by the intimidating requirements and high level of commitment that came along with the intensity of climbing and other high adventure activities.

A solution to limited access sprouted when Ross discovered early versions of “tree-to-tree” parks in Europe and canopy tours in South America. Through research and product-testing, the pair realized that suspended obstacles and games could be further evolved into challenging and personal outdoor experience to adults, teens, and kids, without the steep learning curve. Actively developing their take on the fledgling realm of “Aerial Adventures”, the entrepreneurs knew they had found the way to evolve this niche of adventure recreation.

Park development came next, and the partners knew that the right locations would not only showcase Mother Nature, but would respect and champion her health. They established development and operations criteria that include innovative Element design techniques, high standards for minimizing or improving environmental impact, sensitive building practices, and careful site selection that continue as markers of their expanding list of Park locations today.


The Elements at WildPlay Parks are built using environmentally sensitive methods that mitigate harm to the forest and natural settings.
On trees:

  • Platforms are held in place by compression, protecting living trees from damage, and allowing for natural health and growth.
  • Half-logs and sheathed-mooring cables prevent cutting into tree trunks and minimize degradation. Cable tension is monitored to ensure the highest safety standards for people and plants.
  • Interlinked web design strengthens areas susceptible to blow-down.
  • Rust is prevented through use of plastic coating and galvanized steel.
  • Games and apparatus can be altered in response to needs that arise in the natural course of a forest life cycle.

If our tree courses were to be disassembled today, little evidence of their existence would be left behind.

On the ground:

  • In Victoria and Maple Ridge we’ve brought new life to neglected community areas that have become welcoming, interactive assets.
  • Designing, constructing, and managing WildPlay’s Adventure Courses are a long-term solution to overcome destructive foot traffic and erosion, dangerous hanging tree limbs and dead trees, garbage debris, and neglect or low maintenance. Restoration may include: assessing the health of trees and root systems; supporting regeneration of the forest floor;remediating nature by removing unhealthy branches or trees and invasive or diseased vegetation, and allowing for increased sunlight and circulation of air within the tree canopy; creating pathways that safeguard plants, forest ecosystems, and migration of small animals; re-purposing dead wood for trail chipping or outdoor furniture and fencing; addressing erosion, and recycling earth for landscaping; providing clean places for people to have a great time.
  • We’re proud to revitalize green spaces with fun and affordable recreational activities for people and Municipalities. Sustainability is at the heart of our business and our guests.

The way we work:

  • We set our hours of operation to the season, maintaining low utility use. Our Park is open during the day, taking advantage of sunlight and controlling unnecessary power to electronics and heat.
  • Our Adventure Courses are self-propelled, using only human-power.
  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle, in all our Parks – even using “up-cycled” shipping container bins for offices and storage! Because we “tread lightly” we ensure that our company promotes an appreciation and responsibility for the natural world.
  • Being a WildPlayer means being a steward of nature for the future.

Park Growth Timeline

July 2006 | WildPlay Nanaimo – BC

Our flagship location transformed the former bungy zone operation into a full-scale place for people to access a range of outdoor adventures. Now an adventure destination on Vancouver Island, people climb, zip, jump, and swing on our original Monkido Adventure Course, DragonFLY Ziplines, 150-foot Bungy Jump, 140 km/h Primal Swing.

November 2009 | WildPlay Victoria – BC

A partnership with West Shore Parks and Recreation brought WildPlay to in to revitalize the site of a neglected disc-golf game. Now south Vancouver Island residents and visitors have a Monkido Adventure Course and What’s To Fear Jump to keep enjoying an outdoor activity.

July 2010 | WildPlay Maple Ridge – BC

Partnering with the District of Maple Ridge, WildPlay’s family-friendly Monkido Adventure Course and What’s To Fear Jump activities preserves a nature-based experience in the sprawling Lower Mainland. The Park revitalized a forgotten campground near Golden Ears Park as a way to escape into nature.

July 2012 | WildPlay Kelowna – BC

We couldn’t stop ourselves from going big in the Okanagan. Our Park offers the popular Monkido Adventure Course, seven DragonFLY Ziplines, What’s to Fear Jump, and the super-cool Primal Swing that pendulums off the cliffside.

September 2014 | WildPlay Wood Buffalo – AB

Our first Park in Alberta introduced a whole new way to enjoy tree-top games and ziplines in Fort McMurray. On the site of Vista Ridge ski hill, our circular PAWD configuration is an innovative way to enjoy (and protect) the outdoors.

July 2016 | WildPlay Niagara Falls – ON

Our world-class “MistRider Zipline to the Falls” welcomed riders to the most incredible interactive experience of the Niagara River gorge. Our four side-by-side ziplines, stretching 2,200 feet, opened to mass thrill from crowds from around the globe. Coming in 2017, WildPlay will add the newest version of our aerial Adventure Course to the nearby WildPlay Whirlpool Park.

Coming in 2017: WildPlay Jones Beach, and WildPlay John Boyd Thacher in New York State.

Accessible adventure recreation continues to grow in popularity. Together WildPlay Parks encourage over 150,000 people every year to get outside their comfort zone, face a fear (or two), and reap the benefits of overcoming mental and physical obstacles.

We’re still branching out!

The adventure continues for WildPlay, with ongoing development of new Parks and Elements that achieve our mission: to engage people in adventure experiences where they are challenged through play to be as active as possible in their daily lives, and evolve beyond their self-perceived limits. Want to know more about business development opportunities with us? Send a message.!